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Enviro 3D is a company that believes that environment and sustainable planning are realities that cannot be overlooked in our twenty-first-century industrial and commercial reality. We are always listening to our client’s needs, and we work hard to find sustainable solutions that will help the organization better manage its environmental impacts and sustainability. Also, we make sure to always put forward technical and financially responsible solutions that are about our client’s objectives and reality.

Our Services

environmental site assessment

Impacted site following a spill, hydrocarbons contamination, whatever the environmental issue on your site concerning soil and water, we can help you with environmental site assessment and sampling.

Aerial Photography and Videos

To better understand the exact reality on site, aerial photos are an essential tool that will give landowners and developers the exact context and reality on-site on day 1. Drones are the best way to get information in a precise and quick way. We are fully equipped to provide the best quality aerial pictures needed.

Environmental Management

Certificate of approval, permits, environmental conformity, environmental management systems, auditing, ISO 14 001, etc., it can be pretty difficult to understand all environmental obligations and requirements defined by the various governmental regulations. We are here to help and even take care of things for you.

Sustainable urban development

Any real estate project is confronted with planning and environmental issues. Our professional planners and environmental experts are there to guide your organization throughout this labyrinth and help your project become a reality.

Reservoir Sampling Services

You are in the process of purchasing a house or building and there are an oil furnace and reservoir? You wish to make sure that those equipment do not have any impacts on the environment. We can get the answers needed quickly and professionally and get a clear answer. And by the way, we can do the pyrite test!


All enterprises must make sure that their staff is properly trained. Our professionals can help meet your objectives and those of your employees and provide training that will be an excellent value-added. With various experiences in various post-secondary institutions and throughout various businesses and business units, we have the answers to your questions and your needs.

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Our Team

  • Frédéric Dufault, URBANISTE, M.URB., M.ENV., EESA®, VEA® P President

    An urban planner with a master’s degree in urban planning and a master’s degree in environment, Frédéric is an approved environmental site assessor (EESA # 164) and an accredited environmental auditor (VEA # 77).

  • Serge Vaugeois URBANISTE, M.ATDR, MGPA
    Serge Vaugeois URBANISTE, M.ATDR, MGPA

    Mr. Vaugeois is an urban planner and holds master degrees in Planning (M.ATDR) from Université Laval and in Project Management (M.Sc.A MGPA) from Université de Montréal. He is a long-standing member of the Québec Planning Association (Ordre des urbanistes du Québec – # 393).

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