Environmental Management &
sustainable urban and real estate development

For real estate projects that meet owners’ objectives, environmental constraints and offer a value integrated and sustainable real estate development.


Environmental Management &
sustainable urban and real estate development

For real estate projects that meet owners’ objectives, environmental constraints and offer a value integrated and sustainable real estate development.


Enviro 3D is a company that believes that the environment and sustainable development are essential elements in today’s industrial and commercial world. We are always listening to our customers and we strive to find sustainable solutions to help them. Furthermore, we make sure to put forward projects whose technical and financial feasibility is in line with your organization’s objectives.

Our services

Environmental studies

Contaminated land following a spill, hydrocarbon contamination, whatever your soil and water quality problem, we are able to help you with environmental site surveys and sampling.

Aerial photographs

In order to fully understand the reality of the terrain, aerial photos are the essential tool to understand the reality and the context of the problem or the site. With the help of our drones, we can obtain the necessary images on day one.

Environmental management

Certificate of authorization, permit, environmental compliance, environmental management system, audit, ISO 14001, etc. It is difficult to find one’s way through the environmental obligations of the different levels of government. We can help you and take care of everything for you.

Sustainable development

Every real estate project is confronted with urban planning and environmental issues. With our professional planners and environmental experts, we guide you through this maze to make your project a reality.

Reservoir sampling

Are you planning to buy a home and there is an oil tank? You want to be sure that you will not have any surprises once this purchase of a lifetime is done, we proceed to the analysis of the concrete slab and the aggregates to give you a clear picture of the environmental state of your residence or building. And we can help you with pyrite too!


Our drilling experts use specialized techniques to dig wells at various depths in the ground to sample and determine if the environmental quality of the soil and water is adequate. We have three different drilling machines, including the Massenza MI1, the Massenza MI3 and the Geoprobe 420M with distinct functions adapted to your needs.


The RemScan is a measuring device that allows our experts to obtain rapid results on decontamination and soil quality, directly in the field. This portable device combines mid-infrared spectroscopy with customized software to provide fast and accurate results.


Some projects impact groundwater. Hydrogeological models are necessary to understand and predict groundwater movement and flow. Using boreholes, piezometers, geological soil models and specialized software, Enviro 3D Consulting professionals are able to predict the impact on groundwater pumping, predict the migration of contaminants on a contaminated site, etc.

Geotechnical studies

When the time comes to build a building or a structure, it is critical to know various data on the soils and groundwater of the site where one wishes to settle. Geotechnical studies allow us to understand how the soils will react and how the foundations of the future building will be constructed, using drilling specialists and a laboratory specialized in geotechnical testing. With the help of Enviro 3D Conseils’ team of professionals and its partners, we will be able to obtain the answers to make the right decisions for your project.

Biological studies

Inventory and mapping of biological and physical environments, environmental assessment, ecological restoration, characterization of environments, ecosystemic development, enhancement of natural environments, the Enviro 3D team and its partners have all the necessary expertise to help you find innovative solutions to protect nature and help the development of our clients’ communities and projects.


All companies need to ensure that their employees are properly trained and educated. Our professionals have the experience to meet your objectives and those of your employees and provide training that meets your expectations. With teaching experience in various post-secondary institutions and companies, we have the answer to your questions.

Our team


    Frédéric founded the company and continues to lead business development and client relations for Enviro 3D and its division, Aéro 3D stratégie-conseil. Frédéric acts as a technical reviewer for environmental and urban planning projects, ensuring that work and reports meet the highest quality standards… and you can still spot him out in the field.

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