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Over the past five years, Enviro 3D Consulting inc. has carried out more than 250 environmental and urban planning projects on behalf of landowners and various organizations of all sizes and industrial types.

Enviro 3D is the result of more than 50 years of combined experience of its founder, Frédéric Dufault and his team, who see to serve its clientele through environmental site assessments Phases I-II-III-IV, land rehabilitation projects, environmental compliance audits, environmental management systems implementation, obtaining permits and certificates of authorization from governmental authorities, also working on various planning project and land usage to help landowners move forward with their various projects.

Enviro 3D is known for its professionalism, independence and for carrying out its work per the various documents and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MELCC), as well as the different standards in the industry. However, we strive to understand our clients’ objectives and to offer them innovative solutions in line with these same objectives.

We believe that environmental and sustainable development issues are crucial for all businesses and landowners. These should prove to be assets, not constraints for enterprises and owners.

We work with our customers and partners; to make the significant environmental and urban planning aspects more suited to YOUR reality, and we work with you to make them assets!

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