Environmental Site Assessment

Impacted site following a spill, hydrocarbons contamination, whatever the environmental issue on your site concerning soil and water, we can help you with environmental site assessment and sampling.

Aerial Photography and Videos

To better understand the exact reality on site, aerial photos are an essential tool that will give landowners and developers the exact context and reality on-site on day 1. Drones are the best way to get information in a precise and quick way. We are fully equipped to provide the best quality aerial pictures needed.

Environmental Management

Certificate of approval, permits, environmental conformity, environmental management systems, auditing, ISO 14 001, etc., it can be pretty difficult to understand all environmental obligations and requirements defined by the various governmental regulations. We are here to help and even take care of things for you.

Sustainable Urban Development

Any real estate project is confronted with planning and environmental issues. Our professional planners and environmental experts are there to guide your organization throughout this labyrinth and help your project become a reality.

Reservoir Sampling Services

You are in the process of purchasing a house or building and there are an oil furnace and reservoir? You wish to make sure that those equipment do not have any impacts on the environment. We can get the answers needed quickly and professionally and get a clear answer. And by the way, we can do the pyrite test!


Our drilling experts use specialized techniques to drill wells at multiple levels of depth into the soil to conduct sampling to determine whether the environmental quality of the soil and water is adequate. We have three different drilling machines, including the Massenza MI1, the Massenza MI3 and the Geoprobe 420M with separate functions tailored to your needs.


The RemScan is a measuring device that allows our experts to obtain rapid results on decontamination and soil quality directly on the field. Indeed, this portable device combines medium infrared spectroscopy with custom softwares that allows accurate and fast results.


Some projects have an impact on groundwater. Hydrogeological models are needed to understand and predict the movement and flow of groundwater. By drilling, installing piezometers, and using geological soil models and specialized software, the experts at Enviro 3D Consulting can predict the impact of the pumping of water tables and predict the migration of contaminants on a contaminated site, etc.


Before constructing a building or structure, it is critical to collect various data on the soil and groundwater beneath the construction site. Geotechnical investigations rely on drilling specialists and a laboratory specialized in geotechnical testing to understand how the soil will react and how the future building’s foundations should be built. Trust the teams of professionals at Enviro 3D Consulting and their partners to find the answers you need to make the right decisions for your project.


Inventories and mapping of biological and physical environments, environmental assessment, ecological restoration, environmental characterization, ecosystem‑based development, enhancing natural areas… Enviro 3D and its partners have all the expertise needed to help you find innovative ways to protect nature and to support the development of our client’s communities and projects


All enterprises must make sure that their staff is properly trained. Our professionals can help meet your objectives and those of your employees and provide training that will be an excellent value-added. With various experiences in various post-secondary institutions and throughout various businesses and business units, we have the answers to your questions and your needs.

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