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Aéro 3D Consulting Strategy is a division of Enviro 3D Consulting inc.

Environmental and development issues increasingly require high quality and high resolution images, taken when events occur or within a short time frame or recent enough to understand the problematic.

Thus, drones are the cutting-edge tools necessary for the collection of specialized and precise data, allowing specific and precise analysis of the situation, the terrain and allowing to adapt the strategy in order to find and deliver a solution that will meet the client’s needs:

  • Piles of materials volume (aggregates, waste, lumber, etc.)
  • Quantity ratio in quarries, construction sites or in inventory in industrial areas.
  • Analyses of urban environments, wetlands, industrial areas, wooded areas, etc.
  • Topographic surveys of sites for the drainage of surface waters, determine drainage areas or local watersheds.

Drones, high-precision GPS, geomatics software

Enviro 3D, with the help of its division Aero 3d Consulting Strategy is equipped to help our clients and projects that require such high level of details and effectiveness! Drones, high-precision GPS, geomatics software (Map Info, Autocad, Drone Deploy), we have invested in the best tools to serve our clientele. In addition, we have done business with the best training company in the field, that is, Exo Drone Montérégie for the training of the team and the pilots who will work in the field. Exo Drone

The Aero 3D team can, with the taking of high-resolution photographs and aerial videos, carry out the surveys of your sites and provide you with reliable, accurate reports allowing a high level of accuracy and definition plan of development of your sites and/or to help find a solution to your development or environmental issues.

We also offer:

  • Industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure inspection, such as roofing inspection, communications antennas, chimneys, emission verification.
  • Agricultural and forestry Inspection, including the state of your fields, your plantations, presence of possible wetlands or areas of concerns.
  • Inspection of shorelines, watershed or flood areas to determine areas of erosion, unauthorized work within the shoreline, etc.
  • Neighbourhood inspection and overflight in the context of a redevelopment project, a particular planning or development plan.
  • Installation of quarry flight plans and pits in order to obtain accurate reports on the volumes of aggregate extraction and specific sold volumes of aggregates / sand.
  • Inspection of natural gas and pipeline lines.
  • Site checks to produce as constructed plans
  • Monitoring of construction site evolution and work progress by orthophotos and structures analysis.
  • Possibilities are infinite!

Contact us with your project and we will see to determine with you the best approach and solution.

Environnement Drones Enviro 3D Conseils

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