Enviro 3D firmly believes that the environment and sustainability are essential pillars of today’s industrial and commercial world. We pride ourselves on always being attentive to our clients and striving to find sustainable solutions to help them. We also make sure to propose projects whose technical and financial feasibility reflects your organization’s objectives.


    Frédéric founded the company and continues to lead business development and client relations for Enviro 3D and its division, Aéro 3D stratégie-conseil. Frédéric acts as a technical reviewer for environmental and urban planning projects, ensuring that work and reports meet the highest quality standards… and you can still spot him out in the field.

  • Serge Vaugeois, URBAN PLANNER, M.ATDR, MGPA

    Serge has 35 years of experience in environmental projects as well as in the fields of municipal affairs, transportation planning, land planning and regional development. His big picture approach, strategic thinking skills and ability to work in teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds are just a few of Serge’s valuable assets. You can count on him to provide personalized support to help your projects succeed.


    François joined Enviro 3D in 2018 as a technical advisor for Aéro 3D stratégie-conseil, with the mandate of helping the company and its Aéro 3D division get off on the right foot. He carves time out of his busy schedule to coordinate our SFOC applications and guide us through the right approaches, equipment and requirements for drone surveys.

  • Marie-Claude Desjardins Senior environmental technician

    Marie-Claude, alias MC², brings unparalleled expertise and efficiency to fieldwork.
    She has a degree in topographic surveying and technical drawing. She joined Enviro 3D Conseils in December 2018 as our fieldwork and mapping leader.

  • NAOMI FRANCOEUR-TESSIER Director of administration

    Naomi joined Enviro 3D conseils team as part of the administration and management branch of the company. As a result of her hard work and confidence, she is now the director of administration. Her skills and organization, as well as her ability to adapt in any situation makes her an important part of our company success. She has a lot of experience and training that makes her ready to take on the challenges of her position.

  • OUMAR GUEYE Project leader in environment and urban planning

    With a degree in Spatial Planning Engineering and having started his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Oumar will work with the team as a projet leader in environment and urban planning. Oumar stands out for his various work experiences in different environments, which is why he is ready to face several projects with dynamism and assiduity.

  • BÉRANGÈRE ALLEMAND, ing.PRT, M.Env. Project Manager in environment

    Bérangère joined our team in September 2020. She is a 2021 graduate of the l’Université de Sherbrooke master’s degree in environmental management and climate change. Bérangère also holds a diploma in chemical engineering (France, 2019) and is a member of  the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (PRT en génie since 2021). Dynamic and concerned with environmental issues related to air, water and soil, Bérangère leads and participates in various projects related to air emissions, soil decontamination, and many others of Enviro 3D conseils projects.

  • MÉLANIE BÉLANGER Marketing Manager

    Mélanie obtained her bilingual bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, more precisely in marketing from l’Université de Sherbrooke. She has been part of our team since her first internship in the fall of 2020. Her determination and hard work allowed her to obtain a permanent position in August 2022 when she finished her degree. Creative and passionate about her field, Mélanie brings new ideas to help us develop the company’s marketing and business identity.

  • FANNY PITHON Senior Environmental Technician

    Dynamic, resourceful, and curious, Fanny joins our team as a senior environmental technician. Her academic background has enabled her to study various areas of the environment, including water protection and management, waste management, contamination issues, protection policies and environmental education. We are glad to have her expertise to help us serve you!

  • DERECK CÔTÉ Drone Operator and Draftsman

    Dereck joined our team to fill in a new position at our subsidiary division. Indeed, Dereck is our drone operator and draftsman for Aero 3D conseils.  We are pleased to have him with us to develop our aerial photography and video services!

  • MATHIS CHANVILLARD Environmental Consultant

    Mathis joined our team in May 2022 to complete his summer internship. He began his master’s degree in Environmental Management at l’Université de Sherbrooke in 2021 and continues to work with us during his studies as a part-time environmental consultant.

  • DAOUDA DIALLO Senior environmental technician

    Daouda is a senior environmental technician for Enviro 3D conseils. With a master’s degree in environmental science, a DESS in geographic information system and a AEP in security, Daouda has a lot of expertise and skills to help with different projects. We are happy to have him with us for the future!

  • LOUBENS JOVIN Environmental Consultant

    Loubens is currently studying at l’Université de Sherbrooke for his master’s degree in environmental management. He decided to complete his internship with us in the fall of 2021 and has been part of our team ever since. He can do site assessments (Phase I and II), perform remediation and monitoring activities, planning and development of environmental management systems, and more. Loubens is a part-time environmental consultant.

  • Franck Giresse Nietcho Wandji EPt, M. Ing. Env., B. Ing. Project leader in environment and geology

    With a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the École de technologie supérieure of Montreal and a degree in Mining Geology Engineering, Franck stands out for his creativity and good adaptability in any situation. He is dynamic and experienced due to his previous participations in the field. Franck has over two years of experience (+2) in geophysical and geological work in related fields.  His training in geology allows him to easily understand the tenants in contaminated soils as well as impact analyses. Attentive and interested in new challenges consistent with environmental jargon, his expertise and his sense of observation and analysis allow him to carry out good follow-up throughout projects in environment and sustainable development. Franck is also certified by Ecocanada’s network of environmental professionals.

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