Marie-Claude DesjardinsSenior environmental technician

Marie-Claude, alias MC², as joined Enviro 3D in December 2018 as our environmental technician and Cad specialist. Ms. Desjardins brings expertise in on-site work and is pretty efficient when it comes to get projects rolling and CAD drawing to the expected standards for our customers.

Ms. Desjardins experience in the CAD industry and as an on-site technician for another consulting firm helps our team efficiency within the project management and realization. Her expertise and training also as a surveying technician also bring the necessary expertise for Enviro 3D and Aéro 3D projects and data acquisition. Ms. Desjardins as a high sense of responsibilities and team work is a major part of her approach. Reaching our clients objectives and taking the time to be transparent and explain the situation to them is also Ms. Desjardins a part of her work ethics and we encourage such practice.

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