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A student at the end of a master’s degree in environmental engineering at the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal and holder of a work engineer diploma in Mining Geology, Franck stands out for his creativity and good adaptability. In any situation, he is dynamic and experienced from his previous participations in the field.

Franck has 1 year of experience in geophysical and geological fieldwork. Always attentive and interested in new challenges in line with environmental jargon, his expertise and his sense of observation and analysis allow him to carry out good follow-ups throughout anyenvironment and sustainable development projects.


  • Current study project on modeling the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants at the Montréal airport from airport activities with a view to obtaining a master’s degree in environmental engineering (M. Eng).
  • Responsible for geophysical studies of soils in different regions of Cameroon in order to identify and recognize underground formations loaded with drinking water within the company Underground Water in Cameroon.
  • Participation in the execution of drilling.
  • Participation in the various stages such as pumping tests, blowing and fitting out.
  • Collection of geological data in the Meiganga region and the surrounding localities for prospecting for gold and other minerals in the bed of a large river (TIRBA) as part of the completion of the end of engineering studies report of work in geology of mineral and energy resources at the school of geology and mining.
  • Geophysical prospecting of the metalliferous deposits (field camp).
  • Exploration of primary and alluvial gold in the North-East of Bétaré Oya (Cameroon): practical study of a terrain profile, artisanal mining technique and cartography.


  • Master of Environmental Engineering – École de technologie supérieure de Montréal, Québec, Canada2019 – 2021
  • Diploma of Engineering Work in the Geology of Mineral and Energy Resources – School of Geology and Mining Engineering, Ngaoundéré, Cameroun2017


  • End of Training Project (6 months)
    Modeling of the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants at the Montréal airport resulting from airport activities with the CALPUFF dispersion model.
  • Responsible for Geophysical Studies (10 months) Underground Water, SA – Douala, Cameroon : 2018
    • In charge of geophysical studies of soils in order to identify and recognize underground formations loaded with drinking water
    • Responsible for drafting work reports.
  • Field Geologist (2-month internship) Société Camerounaise D’exploitation Miniere (Scem) – East, Cameroon: 2016
    • Realization of geological surveys
    • Field mapping assistance
    • Support of the operating process and pre-treatment
    • Field reports


  • Good team player
  • Handling of geological tools and software (CALPUFF, Aimms, Basecamp, Google Earth, Qgis)


  • Current Process for Integration With the Order of Geologues of QuébecCurrently
  • Driving licence


  • Microstructure to help guide young people in difficulty2019-2021
  • Volunteering (Yaoundé, Cameroon)2014-2021

Free Coaching in Personal Development, great contribution in the life of people suffering from depression, discouragement, counseling and motivation assistance


Franck Giresse Nietcho Wandji

6, rue Gilles Vigneault
Sainte-Julie (Quebec)
J3E 3L4

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